How to Get the Best from Your First Barcelona Tour

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain. The city is known for its amazing architecture and traditional art. If you’re planning to tour Spain, your first stop should be at Barcelona for a lifetime experience with the local food, art, sports, and wild.

You can book your trip to Barcelona this holiday with Cathay Pacific. When visiting Barcelona for the first time, you can miss a lot from the trip. There are many things you should learn and experience about this amazing city. In this article, we mention some of the best things you can do when you visit Barcelona handpicked by the locals.

1. Shop at Boqueria Market 

If you love shopping, then the first place to start exploring Barcelona is at the famous Boqueria Market. It is one of the largest food markets in the city and Europe. Thousands of people flock to the market to shop for the most affordable fruits, dairy, fish, groceries, and vegetables. Almost everything you can imagine is available in this open market.

The market is very crowded and noisy. This makes it a bit uncomfortable but yet exciting to most people. Here you get to interact with the local people at their best. You can learn about local food and buy some fruits to enjoy with your friends. The market is open from Monday to Saturday. It is the best place to visit on a rainy day because it’s a market hall.

2. Enjoy the cool breeze at the beach 

If you forget to visit the local beaches to get active and enjoy the breeze, then you haven’t had the best of Barcelona. You can do a lot in Barcelona than just drinking at the local bars and taking a walk in the parks.

There are different beaches you can visit if you want to get active and burn some calories. You can try some exercise sessions with a professional trainer at one sunny beach in the city. It’s such a wonderful experience getting your heart beating fast as you enjoy the beautiful sights in the city.

Since you are in a local trainer’s company, you can ask them any questions about Barcelona and learn something new. You can use the workout session to find out the best things to do in Barcelona right from the horse mouth. Remember to go for a workout early in the morning if you want to get energized for the entire day.

3. Tour Camp Nou

If you love football and a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona, then you are right at the center of it. Camp Nou is where talent is made. It is the home ground to the famous FC Barcelona and home to top-flight players in La Liga. You can tour this popular stadium during the weekdays or grab a ticket to attend a match at the weekends. It feels nice to watch your favorite players make some tackles right in front of you.

You can see the grand Camp Nou stadium and learn everything about it in private tours. Your hosts will keep you to date on everything about the stadium, take you through the museum, and explain the home team’s history and the stadium.

Make your Camp Nou tour memorable by playing actual football at the stadium with the locals. It is a simple way to create memories playing on the same pitch where some of the iconic players have had their exceptional shots on the goal.

4. Tour at least one of the modern art museums 

Barcelona is home to many museums you can visit before leaving. The museums host several art galleries and millions of collections from different parts of the country. You may not have the whole day to tour the museums, but your host can help you learn something new about this amazing city and its cultural heritage.

Picasso Museum is one of the best you can tour before leaving Barcelona. It has a collection of modern art, which makes it an awesome place to learn about Barcelona. Opened in the 1960s, the museum hosts some of the top paintings and arts from prolific artists in Spain and Europe. All the art and painting are arranged in an order which makes it easy to go through them in the shortest time.

5. Visit Palau de la Musica Orfeo Catalana

The name sounds a bit long, but that is another feature that drives most visitors to this place. This is a must-visit place in Barcelona if you are coming here for the first time. The reason is simple; it is a popular UNESCO site you should add to a list of places to visit in Barcelona.

You can ask your host to guide you through the history of this place. If you have time to stick around, you can wait to attend some shows held in this place for a complete experience. Don’t forget to take a selfie with its gorgeous columns – you can have something to help you remember you were here someday.

6.  Hike the Montjuic Hill

If hiking is your thing, you should not hesitate to visit Montjuic hill when you come to Barcelona. There are other reasons to come to this place: you can enjoy the striking views, attend a fountain show held by the locals, and learn about this area’s history. You can also enjoy the historic Castell de Montjuic and the beautiful gardens found in this area. It is such an amazing place to explore the dark side of Spain – something most of the locals will not tell you until you visit this famous spot.

Final Thoughts 

You can see a lot, touch, and experience when touring Barcelona for the first time. All you have to do is find a host to guide you through the spots we’ve highlighted in this tour guide. The best of Barcelona is waiting for you when you plan your vacation this coming holiday.

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