Best Sailing Routes in the Caribbean

Sailing a yacht or catamaran in the Bahamas or any of the other Caribbean islands is the dream of several people but very few people get to accomplish it due to the unknown nature of the sailing routes. The Caribbean islands are the best place for a long holiday away from the loud humdrum of the people where you can enjoy a peaceful time with Mother Nature at your side.

You can hire a professional boating crew to take you all across the islands or if you have an adventurous nature, then you can even captain a boat on your own if you have a crew that is experienced in sailing. So read this short article to know the best sailing routes in the Caribbean where you can be the master of your ship.

Sailing Destinations in the Caribbean

  1. Barbados

Although Barbados is just 165 square kilometers in size, it is the best place to start your sailing holidays as the coral island is full of picturesque white beaches and several underwater caves, and lakes. The island also has numerous tidal pools and surf spots where you can try out your snorkeling skills and meet friendly turtles and other sea fishes. The island is also full of rich cultural heritage and you can easily dock your boat and take a stroll amidst the rich town full of friendly people. There are several landmarks to visit in Barbados like:

  • Port St. Charles
  • Port Ferdinand
  • Reeds Bay
  • Alleyne’s Bay
  • Sandy Lane bay
  1. Lucia

St. Lucia is a beautiful little town that lies in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean and is one of the best places to enjoy sunbathing at the shores. It is full of pleasing palm beaches that extend to the scenic rainforests and the Piton mountains. You can sail all along its shores while enjoying the vivid clear skies and scenic beauty. St. Lucia also has several waterfalls along with luxury marinas, seaside cafes, and mineral baths where you can rest your tired bones after a sailing adventure. There are several small tourist spots in St. Lucia like:

  • Pigeon Islands

You can try out your hiking skills here and reach the old naval fort to get a beautiful view of the entire landscape. You will also find military ruins and two beaches for roaming about.

  • Rodney Islands

If you are looking for enjoying the Caribbean night life then this is your must visit the place.

  • Marigot Bay

This is the epic hurricane hole that was featured in the film Dr. Doolittle and it is surrounded by restaurants and shopping joints where you can buy little souvenirs.

  1. Jamaica

The last stop for your sailing adventure should be Jamaica as it has a natural beauty that is unmatched by any other place on the Earth. It is full of exotic wildlife both flora and fauna and you can sail its 350 miles coastline to enjoy the paradise on Earth. It has all kinds of adventurous opportunities like waterfalls, rainforests, and also snorkeling zones. Some of the most popular spots include:

  • Kingston Harbor
  • Port Morant
  • Oracabessa

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