Shelton Haynes Unveils OMNY: A New Era of Commuting on the Roosevelt Island Tramway

Shelton Haynes Transforming Transit Experience

Shelton J. Haynes, the forward-thinking President & CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), has marked a new chapter in the island’s transportation history by partnering with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to launch the OMNY system on the Roosevelt Island Tramway. This visionary move will revolutionize how residents and visitors navigate the iconic tramway.

With the OMNY system’s introduction, the days of fumbling for MetroCards or searching for exact change are fading into history. Travelers can now experience a frictionless commute by tapping their contactless payment cards, smartphones, or smart devices. This transformation underscores Haynes’ dedication to enhancing the quality of life for the island’s community.

A Seamless Future of Mobility For RIOC

Shelton Haynes’ collaboration with the MTA to launch OMNY on the Roosevelt Island Tramway aligns with his commitment to delivering a seamless, modern commuting experience. Introducing this cutting-edge contactless fare payment system represents a significant stride toward simplifying transportation across the island.

As the President & CEO of RIOC, Haynes has consistently demonstrated his vision for the future of Roosevelt Island. By embracing technology and innovation, he ensures that the island remains at the forefront of progressive urban living, offering residents and visitors alike a taste of tomorrow’s transit solutions today.

A Bright Tomorrow in Commuting

Shelton Haynes’ leadership in introducing OMNY to the Roosevelt Island Tramway marks a milestone in the island’s journey toward innovative and convenient transportation. This initiative embodies his unwavering commitment to enhancing the daily lives of the community he serves.

As the OMNY system ushers in a new era of commuting, Haynes’ collaborative efforts with the MTA illuminate the path toward a future where transportation is seamless, accessible, and enjoyable. This visionary step ensures that Roosevelt Island remains a model for urban mobility, setting an example for other communities looking to embrace the possibilities of modern transit systems.

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