How to Protect Your Smartphone While Travelling

It comes as no surprise that most people always have their smartphones on hand, especially when travelling. Beyond fulfilling its purpose as a communications device, it also offers features like a camera, an entertainment system for playing games via websites like NetBet, a translation application, and a GPS, among others. Because of its importance to the experience, it’s something that you must always keep safe.

However, thousands of these mobile devices are stolen, lost, hacked, or damaged every year. And when you consider their value and the dangers of exposing your personal or financial information, it’s something that no one can afford to lose. To help you protect your phone, we’ve compiled a list of tips below. Continue to read if you want to know more.


Use a virtual private network

A smartphone’s physical safety is undoubtedly essential. However, you mustn’t forget about the information stored within the device, from personal information to financial details. After all, you’re far more at risk when it comes to cyberattacks as a traveller because you’ll likely be using Wi-Fi networks more often than not. Whether it’s at your preferred hotel, the airport, or a restaurant, these unprotected networks can potentially do a lot of damage more than they are given credit for.

Fortunately, you can get around this problem by using a VPN or a virtual private network. It can keep your information secure by encrypting your traffic, preventing hackers from detecting you, and gaining access to your data. So, make sure that you get a top-quality VPN before you go on your trip. It will make a difference.

Get a high-quality phone case

As obvious as it sounds, you must purchase a case for your smartphone. Most people have dropped their mobile devices at least once during their ownership. And you don’t want yours to shatter into pieces unless you can afford to keep on purchasing replacements. However, don’t just buy any case; make sure that it’s of high quality. Pairing a shock-absorbent case with a strong screen protector should be more than sufficient in keeping your phone safe from any physical damage.

Use tracking applications

These days, most people have tracking applications for their smartphones because, as the name suggests, they allow users to find their mobile device if they lose it or got stolen. Some can also shut down the phone or lock it down remotely so the person who has it will not be able to access the device. As such, you must do the same. In this way, you’ll be able to track down the device in case someone steals it or you accidentally lose it.

Protect your phone with passwords or biometrics

It’s a mistake not to use biometrics or passwords to protect your phone because it’s the best way to protect your private information if the device is either lost or stolen. In addition, if the person who takes your mobile device is unable to access it, the chances are that they will get discouraged and discard it, giving you a better chance at retrieving the phone than you otherwise would have.


Your smartphone may not be the first thing that comes to mind when travelling, but it’s arguably the thing you must never be without on your trip. And by following all of the tips laid out above, you’ll keep your device as safe and secure as possible.


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