London Attractions You Must Not Miss, according to Robert Doody of South Dakota.

Robert Doody South Dakota Highlights London Attractions that are chock-full of iconic landmarks, buildings, and sights, London is the convergence of old and new as it continues to evolve its rich historical culture. To help guide you along the way of do-not-miss attractions, Robert Doody South Dakota, a regular traveler across the pond, will provide his insider tips. Keep reading to find out what you must see while in London!

Top Attractions According to Robert Doody South Dakota

Most individuals who have never visited London can tell you some highlights of the city — Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, etc. However, for a more local and unique experience that offers a different perspective of London, Robert Doody South Dakota thinks you may enjoy this selection of less-visited locations, including:

Little Venice

Little Venice is a sleepy area boasting tree-lined canals that most tourists miss on their trip. Running from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue, this gem is located close enough to the city center to see between major attractions. The most appealing aspect of Little Venice is the colorful canal boats that serve as cafés and tearooms.

Neal’s Yard

Robert Doody South Dakota says that If you enjoy wandering aimlessly in search of quiet tea shops, secret bookstores, pretty corners, and colorful streets, then the small alley known as Neal’s Yard will meet your requirements. This beautiful alleyway opens into a courtyard defined by health food shops, cafés, and colorful facades, not far from the Covent Garden train station.

Saint Dunstan in the East

Originally constructed during the 11th and 12th centuries, Saint Dunstan in the East has been refurbished multiple times. Partially destroyed during World War II, the Anglican Church decided not to rebuild, resulting in a quiet oasis where the remaining walls have transfused into a beautiful garden.

Spitalfields and Brick Lane

Robert Doody South Dakota has found Spitalfields and Brick Lane to be an area of London boasting exotic smells from the infamous curry houses to the rawness of Brick Lane. It is impossible to stop yourself from lingering around this area. Make sure to grab a salted beef bagel from one of the countless Jewish delis at the top of the hill, then wander down Brick Lane to find world-famous street art, an amazing chocolate shop (Dark Sugars), and eclectic vintage stores.

The Painted Hall

The Painted Hall is one of the best-hidden gems in London. Situated inside The Old Royal Naval College, The Painted Hall was recently restored to its 1700s glory. As the 10th renovation since the original painting by James Thornhill between 1707 and 1726, Robert Doody South Dakota has found The Painted Hall to take his breath away each time he visits. It’s that spectacular!

These hidden gems of London are less-known to tourists must are must-see attractions. Don’t miss the beautiful and colorful shops and various quiet oases to escape the hustle-and-bustle of London during your next adventure.

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