Dr. Irene Kepler Discusses How to Get to Know the Local Culture When You Travel to a New Country

Irene Kepler LCSW has traveled to many countries and learned about different cultures along the way. She has found that there are ways to be more comfortable and practice customs with ease to avoid stress when you are traveling in foreign places. Learning about a country before you go by reading travel publications, talking to people who have visited, and maybe practicing a little language of where you intend to go can all make your experiences more enjoyable.

Visit Festivals, Parades, and Local Celebrations

Often there are celebrations or festivals related to particular cultures, some of them large and well known like the Kumbh Mela in India that attracts some 70 million people and some smaller, but still lively, like St Paddy’s Day in Ireland. During her travels, Dr. Irene Kepler has gone to many festivals and parades. These have always been a good way to feel more a part of the culture and to meet new people as well.

Go to Markets

Local markets are great places to learn about a culture and also gather food that is part of people’s daily life in their country. It is also a good place to talk to locals about favorite dishes and learn how to make new food. Irene Kepler LCSW has met many people in markets around the world and also had unique experiences with locals from these visits.

Buy Local

Buying clothing and other local items instead of big brands is one way to learn about the culture. It sounds a little silly maybe, but dressing like locals can change how people see you and give a different experience. Also, locals appreciate the business and maybe more receptive to you during the exchange.

Learn the Language

While the world is fairly easy to navigate these days without knowing a country’s language, it always helps to be able to speak to locals and travel officials, especially if you need help. Dr. Irene Kepler has learned different languages to suit her travel needs and recommends this tip for other travelers. She has discovered learning even basic greetings and other phrases can go a long way in making a trip easier.

Visit Smaller Off the Beaten Path Locations

When she travels, Irene Kepler LCSW likes to explore less-known areas and learn about the culture there. Talking to people outside of bigger cities in foreign countries gives a different perspective that may not be found in the hustle and bustle of more urban places. Dr. Kepler doesn’t discount big cities to learn about a country’s culture, but she thinks it is a good idea to mix it up.

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