The 7 Best Paddleboard Locations On The East Coast

As paddleboarding gains popularity across the country, many are beginning to seek the best locations to take their board and explore. For some, it is the hidden lakes, those that offer tranquil respites, that make for the ideal adventure. For others, however, it is golden sands and crystal clear ocean waters.

While the north, south, and even west of Australia have their great locations, today we’re sharing the best paddleboard locations on the east coast, as it has quickly become an essential destination for paddleboarders not only in Australia but for those travelling from all over the world too.

Balmoral Beach 

Sydney’s most famous beach is a must-visit destination for those wanting to experience the best of what Australian coastlines have to offer. In addition to the extensive, clean and golden sands, Balmoral is celebrated for its beautiful vistas and great surf, drawing in not only paddleboarders but surfers and swimmers too.

Currumbin Beach

Those in Brisbane might argue, however, that while Balmoral beach is more widely celebrated, the best Australian coastal experience is found at Currumbin beach. Alongside its stunning coast, Currumbin beach offers some of the Gold Coast’s most iconic scenes, from family-friendly markets and dining to the famous Currumbin Alley.

Lord Howe Island

Those willing to explore further afield are likely to be rewarded when visiting Lord Howe Island, which remains an idyllic and unparalleled destination for those wanting to paddleboard. The remote island offers pristine and tranquil waters, which draw many to practice yoga on the water, elevating their mindful experience with amazing backdrops.

Middle Harbour Creek

Stepping away from the city and finding a spot that feels entirely removed from urban living doesn’t necessitate travelling far. In fact, Middle Harbour Creek, which is only a short journey from Sydney, is a popular destination for paddleboarders who want to immerse themselves in nature for even just an afternoon.

Whitehaven Beach 

Queensland has a great number of paddleboarding destinations with many falling under the category of if you know. This is because paddleboarders that find great spots tend to protect them with secrecy. Whitehaven beach might be one of the most well-known destinations, being home to the Great Barrier Reef, but with over 74 kilometres of coastline, there are a number of secluded spots that are perfect for paddleboarders wanting to enjoy amazing waters while being away from the hustle.

Noosa River

Connecting a number of wonderful lakes, such as Como and Weyba, Noosa River is a fantastic place to bring your paddleboard. Alongside an abundance of wildlife, sand dunes, and access to the Coral Sea, there are many reasons that this is an ideal destination for individuals and families alike.

Myall Lakes

If you are looking to be far removed from the city and want to immerse yourself in one of the east coast’s most beguiling natural environments, then head over to Myall Lakes, north of Sydney. This protected area offers a great opportunity to paddleboarders who want to paddle on lesser-explored waters.

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