The top places in Cannes by Boat

The French Riviera has been the home of some of the larger yachts in the world for a reason. The coast offers all the infrastructure you might ever need to disembark in style directly in your preferred beach club, restaurant or even night blub. The South of France offers some incredible cruising ground and here we take a look at the ones around the bay of Cannes. After renting a boat in Cannes for a day or the weekend you’ll be able to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

La Guérite

Possibly the most famous beach club in Cannes, la guérite is a traditional bar opens in the 1900s for the boaters of the day to enjoy an ice-cold drink on the Iles de Lérins. Rapidly growing in popularity the restaurant is now one of the highlights of party life in Cannes, with some of the most lavish parties on the Riviera. There is truly nothing like arriving in La Guérite aboard your very own boat and enjoying swimming in the water after your lunch in between the islands. 

Iles de Lérins

In between the Iles de Lérines, the crystal clear waters are the perfect spot to drop anchor and laze in the sun for the day. On the shores, you will find an old abbey and Lavender fields, ideal for those in search of adventure and exploration. The old restaurant of the Abbay offers the perfect calm and relaxed option, ideal to enjoy the delicacies of the South of France. 

Massif de L’Esterel

On the other side of the bay, the Massif de L’Esterel offers some of the very finest coves and bays surrounded only by nature. The red rocks are simply stunning, offering a true escape from the more traditional South of France coastline. The almost untouched marine life makes the spot ideal for a snorkelling afternoon.

Carlton Beach Club

The newly renovated Carlton Beach Club offers exceptional vintage vibes, with a 1960s-inspired design. The top-notch gastronomy experience is a must-do for any visitors to Cannes while sipping on an ice-cold Provence rosé. The beach club offers a pier ideal for the guests aboard a yacht to disembark in the utmost fashion. 

Cannes is the perfect spot to rent a boat and enjoy life on the water, whether you are a nature lover or a party goer!

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