What to do in St Tropez

For a reason, St. Tropez is one of the most popular destinations for the wealthy. The rich and famous flock to this traditional fishing village’s warm Mediterranean paradise every summer. The city has a vibrant old port surrounded by charming streets, as well as plenty of luxury villas perched atop the hills, and Pampelonne’s beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a night out at one of the famed beach clubs. Discover life in St Tropez and live like a jet setter in the small port of the French Riviera.

The Historic Area

With everything from impressive superyachts to glamorous old buildings, the traditional fishing village of St Tropez provides some of the most picturesque backdrops for your social media photos. You can take a break and play petanque with the locals after a short walk to Place des Lices and its traditional market. With a plethora of luxury shops and art galleries, the city epitomizes French Art de Vivre. In the evening, the port comes alive with yachts throwing lavish parties and restaurants like Opera starting to vibrate. The evenings conclude in the old town’s Caves de Roy.


One of the best ways to get from the city centre to the beach is by boat. Simply rent a boat in St. Tropez and set sail to enjoy the best of life at sea. After a short cruise from the city centre to a secluded cove, you will discover the best of St Tropez. Many small inlets with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches dot the bay, making them ideal for sunbathing with friends and enjoying a gourmet lunch aboard.


Time is of the essence when you arrive in Pampelonne. Nothing compares to it; from Bagatelle to Nikki Beach, the champagne showers never stop. For a more relaxed atmosphere, some will enjoy the peaceful days at Club 55, one of the most iconic beach clubs on the French Riviera. The mile-long sandy beach is perfect for tanning and sunbathing. Most beach clubs have a pier where you can disembark your boat in style.

Life in St Tropez is unlike any other and should be experienced at least once in the life of a gentleman. From the lavish parties in the old town to the wild beach clubs of Pampelonne, the French Riviera has it all.

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