What Ships Offer Cruises Along the Rhine River?

If you’re familiar with ancient Roman history, you know most of its achievements were through river cruises. And that’s the same path the Rhine River cruises will take you to experience Europe’s spectacular countrysides, epic islands and mountains, ancient historic towns, and modern, thriving cities. This river flows through Germany and France from Switzerland and ends its voyages in the Netherlands, joining at the North Sea. During a scenic Rhine River cruise, you’ll be taken deep into the heart of nature as the Rhine River snakes through the Rhenish Slate Mountains in the Rhine Gorge before emerging in the Black Forest, Germany. A cruise along the this river also gives you a chance to watch the breathtaking Swiss Alps in Switzerland.

Rhine River Cruises 2022

After the Covid 19 hiatus, this Cruise line is set to resume operation for 2022 with better services and offerings for the ultimate European experience. Led by the top cruise lines, the Scenic River Cruise line, the Vikings River Cruise line, and the Uniworld River Cruise line, a 2022 voyage along the Rhine River promises the best of everything.

Scenic River Cruises

Established in the late 80s, Scenic River Cruises lives to meet the needs of every individual voyager, with state-of-the-art accommodations, luxurious lounges, beautiful terraces that offer a personalized view of Europe, and other luxurious amenities. When you board any of its 16 Scenic Space-Ships, you’re promised luxury and opulence in one package.

Vikings River Cruises

Aboard its 50 Viking Longships, Viking cruise lines offer what it has been offering for two decades: The ultimate modern voyagers experience through Europe’s diverse landscape. With a stylish restaurant, trained chefs, luxurious rooms, and beautiful terraces and lounges, you get the perfect river-based vacationing experience.

Uniworld River Cruise

Uniworld has been in operation for fifty years, yet it’s still a European River Cruise line that resonates well with the millennial voyager. Featuring luxurious amenities meant to enhance comfort, Uniworld also offers a classic modern design theme depicting contemporary European nightlife. The kind of experience that gives the next-gen voyager the ultimate home away from home experience.

Amenities Aboard Rhine River Cruises

The three Cruise lines are packed with modern amenities, luxurious large beds, large screen  TVs, balconies, and other luxuries. Everything is updated to ensure a better, more extensive experience. Most of their offerings include: beautiful terraces and lounges for those quiet times alone, libraries to fill up your passion for books, unlimited access to drinks, a variety of international cuisine prepared by trained chefs, stops and excursions to major cities cities, ports, and shores,tour guides to excursions and various port cities, bar and music area, salon and private spa and more.


Voyagers are looking forward to this unique experience, and bookings are in earnest, with most cruises already sold out. So, if you’re looking forward to a new adventure across Europe in 2022, you’ll want to make your bookings early, so you don’t miss out on this unique experience that promises to wipe away the dark days of Covid-19.

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