What to visit in Turkey?

A luxury boat trip around Turkey’s Turquoise Coast is sure to have you gasping for air due to the breathtaking scenery. Cities in this country are both ancient and modern, making it a true fusion of the old and the new. The deep, rich green of the pine and cypress trees that line this coastline provides a striking contrast to the pure blue of the oceans that surround it, thus the name. Crystal blue lagoons, with towering white cliffs, hidden coves, and glistening grottos, are perfect for swimming right off the back of your boat. Marine life of many kinds populate the waters around the lagoons. White sand beaches stretch for miles upon your arrival, begging to be explored and enjoyed with a picnic. Make an effort during your trip in Turkey to stop by a Turkish shipyard or refit facility to gain insight into the interesting processes that take place there.

The following is a list of suggested stops along your path of travel:


The Gulf of Göcek is well-known for its lively marina, which is among the best places to go sailing in the Mediterranean. The area is ideal for shore excursionists because to its abundance of top-notch eating and drinking establishments and luxurious hotels. Beautiful beaches and secluded coves may be found all across the island.


You should definitely spend some time in this beautiful and lively city, which is usually considered to be one of the most renowned and well-known metropolitan districts in all of Turkey. The peacefulness of the ancient and new Yalikavak Marina is ideal for enjoying authentic Turkish cuisine while staring out over the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Cape Kadiraga

Countless beaches can be found in close proximity to Didim, making it the ideal place to while away the day. The location is wonderful for snorkeling and diving due to the many reefs and quiet coves that can be found there. In addition, the area’s ideal winds make it a great place to learn kitesurfing, windsurfing, or sailing. Visit the conserved areas. 

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