Christy Vercher lists 5 reasons why a travel agent should help plan your next vacation. 

Vacations are relaxing. However, planning one often isn’t.

Christy Vercher says that arranging the perfect getaway takes time and commitment. Researching deals online, checking prices, and scheduling activities don’t happen without planning. Luckily, help is only a phone call away.

A travel agent can simplify the process. These professionals book flights, rent cars, choose hotels, and select excursions. But, most importantly, travel agents work to ensure their clients enjoy their experience.

Christy Vercher understands the importance of her role. She has assisted countless individuals, couples, and families find their dream getaway. The Texas-based travel agent shares five reasons any prospective traveler should hire an agent for their next vacation.

Provide experience

Christy Vercher explains that knowledge is power. But when it comes to vacation planning, it is also priceless. Travel agents research destinations and react accordingly based on the latest trends. Although they’re on the lookout for new destinations, they also stay current with previously explored locations. Whether visiting a tourist hotspot or finding a place off the beaten path, travel agents can offer tips and recommendations for virtually any location throughout the world.

Stay prepared

Travel agents can help with anything because they’ve seen it all. Agents are trained to be aware and adapt to any form of travel. It goes beyond just relaying important details. Agents help clients navigate travel advisories, weather delays, and other recent news.

Offer convenience

You can kick back and just relax poolside. No need to stress. A travel agent is eager to do all the work for you. Using their experience and research, they don’t just make suggestions. They arrange flights, transportation, and all accommodations. Every aspect is curated in a complete, comprehensive plan. Like other agents, Christy Vercher removes the guesswork. She handles the logistics. All you’ll need is to back your bag.

Save money

Time isn’t the only thing you’ll save. Travel agents are suitable for your wallet too. Many incorrectly assume that paying an agent will make a trip more expensive when compared to booking online. However, the opposite is true. Travel agents gain access to exclusive deals and promotions. In addition, travel agents understand seasonal changes in pricing and when it’s the best time to book.

Build relationships

They aren’t a search engine or random call center. Your travel agent is a person. Christy Vercher seeks to establish relationships with her customers. This allows her to tailor each package to meet individualized needs. Not only that, but they are your representative, advocate, and ally if an issue does arise. By expecting the unexpected, travel agents are available for questions or concerns even throughout your trip.


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