Creative Ways To Remember A Trip To The Philippines

There are always destinations to which you always want to return to after visiting them once. The Philippines is definitely one of those places. This magnificent South Asian country has numerous islands, an abundance of beaches, and wildlife. The beautiful scenery of the beaches, mountains, and green fields has already made the Philippines one of the world’s top tourist hotspots, and for a good reason.

The uniqueness of the Philippines will give you unforgettable experiences. Over time, the details of your trip can fade from your memory, and you cannot clearly remember the places you visited and the colors you experienced at the destinations. Fortunately, you can relive your travel experiences if you creatively document your trips.

Here are ideas that will help you keep fond memories of your stay in the country.

Take pictures

This one is an all-time classic. You could take photos of yourself at the various sites you visited. A sequence of pictures to show details of each landmark will help you relive your experiences in those places later. You could take pictures in front of the magical Tumalog Fall or have someone photograph you swimming in its shallow swimming hole. Feel free to vary the photography style, you can take classic pictures on your phone or you could opt for a Polaroid camera to give your picture a nostalgic look and feel to the photograph.

Create custom posters

Use the photos you shot when you were in your favorite sites to create personalized wall art and posters. For this, Mapiful can help you create unique posters with amazing designs. The best part about documenting your trips and “materializing” your memories is the fact that you get to have customized wall art to decorate your rooms. In this case, you could get the Philippines starry sky map poster; it could be your ideal personal souvenir poster if this trip meant a lot to you.


You can create original postcards to share your travel experiences in the Philippines with family and friends by converting your travel pictures into postcards. Imagine yourself surprising your family with a postcard with a picture of you eating the infamous Balut egg… Their reaction to this would be priceless.

There are many more ways you could remember your trips… making videos of yourself and others who were with you, setting up a travel blog to share with the world, making a memory book, drawing the best moments and views of your trips, making stickers of your favorite places… The ideas are as endless as your own imagination. Feel free to experiment with the different possibilities you can come up with.

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