Finding The Perfect Luxury Villa – Expert Advice On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation

Thinking about where to spend your vacation this summer? If you’re overwhelmed by the multiple offers and don’t know how you’ll spend your summer vacation, know that one of the best ways to enjoy your deserved free time is by booking a room (or more) in a luxury villa.

Some of the best European destinations include Italy, Spain and France, whose culture and excellent cuisine will leave you speechless. Tourist accommodation in these areas provides the best butler services, daily housekeeping and impressive amenities such as private swimming pools and home cinema. Let’s not forget Greece, which has the best weather, welcoming people and mesmerising sights.

Here’s a brief outlook on how planning for a high-end vacation in Greece looks like.

Why choose to stay in a luxurious Greek villa?

Greece is the perfect location for taking a break from the hustle and enjoying simple things, such as crystal-clear waters and delicious foods. While all Greek areas are unbelievably beautiful, we can’t help but popularise Mykonos. Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West chose to spend their rest on this famous island.

Mykonos is also preferred because it leverages fun activities, such as snorkelling, scuba diving and jet skiing. A must-do venture is doing a boat tour around the city. Most cruises include a chef on board, drinks, WIFI, sports equipment and hotel pickup and return.

Besides the top-notch activities, an extravagant place to stay will take your vacation to another level. Luxury villas holidays in Mykonos are exceptional regarding interior design, commodities and services the local staff provides.

Standard five-star amenities ensured at luxury villas 

Most European countries have VIP-like services and accommodations to appeal to customers all over the world. Mykonos also stayed on top of the competition and developed the luxury sector to allow people to experience genuine Greek life with memorable sights, excellent restaurants and legendary nightlife.

In Mykonos, many villas have unique features to impress you. For example, the REMVY villa on the Agios Sostis beach has a fabulous sea view you can enjoy while chilling by the poolside bar or doing yoga exercises, as the place is equipped with a studio and yoga mats. The villa has anything you need, from air conditioning, a minibar and an outdoor sound system to the internet, home cinema and barbecue. At your request, you will also be provided with a cook to not worry about meals when coming from a walk, as the location is close to restaurants, the beach and the sea.

NELLYA villa from Faros Armenistis has an abundance of terraces from which you can enjoy wide-open sea views. You can travel with your car as the location has private parking. Inside the villa, the staff will help you with anything you need, from restaurant recommendations to areas to visit. NELLY also has a hot tub and an infinity pool you can enjoy while the pizza is in the wood-burning oven.

Whether you want to stay in Mykonos in one of the beautiful villas or choose another city, Greece is worth visiting. Don’t forget that countries such as Italy or Spain provide similar amenities, services and areas that offer the same VIP experiences, so do your research and choose the place that speaks to you the most for the best vacation ever.

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