How Gennady Podolsky Finds Inspiration as a World-Renowned Travel Expert

Gennady Podolsky specializes in bespoke travel expertise services to help his clients find the trips of their dreams. Specializing in problem-solving while focusing on the global level, Podolsky has spent years exploring the world while regaling his followers with what he has seen.

A graduate of Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College, Podolsky quickly launched a tech-first travel agency before streamlining the booking process. Recognizing the value of travel, Podolsky continues to leverage ratings in this industry.

To help further the goals and dreams of his followers, Podolsky took some time to discuss the things that motivate him while exploring what has led him to success.

Finding Excitement and Innovation

Gennady Podolsky has enjoyed a sprawling career that has included seeing many distant countries while collaborating with professionals from every background. Along the way, Podolsky has found it easy to maintain motivation and positive momentum by adhering to a few concepts that have helped him.

First and foremost, Podolsky believes in the power and strength that a united team can provide. Podolsky looks for great collaborators who share his vision and his passion for work.

In his interview with Ideamensch, Podolsky added, “I find Kolby principles helpful in building the right teams to make things happen.”

Next, Podolsky understands that each person will have their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses. By better understanding each individual, Podolsky can delegate and navigate the tasks that present themselves.

Podolsky says, “I focus on my strengths and delegate the rest to be most productive. I also help people around me to do the same, which creates an atmosphere of collaborative work.”

Maintaining Motivation

Understanding that there is still work to do is part and parcel of what makes Gennady Podolsky strive forward. Podolsky says, “I don’t dwell on the past. I’ve had my fair share of accomplishments and missteps; I own it. It makes me who I am.”

To remain motivated, Podolsky tries to keep an open mind to the world around him. Seeing adventure and excitement in his lifestyle allows him to retain a positive attitude no matter what.

Podolsky says of his success in staying motivated, “I recommend that people always maintain curiosity and always listen. Take genuine interest in other people. Follow your passions.”

Podolsky always likes to question the world around him to continue maneuvering forward in life and work. Podolsky says he wants to challenge tradition and norms, all while manifesting ways to improve things.

Podolsky says, “Sometimes, though, boundaries can stifle innovation, but must still be acknowledged and followed for long-term success. The greatest lesson is walking the line between the two successfully.”

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